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For three decades, the mission of Ballet Westside has been to provide dance education to students in Northwest Arkansas in a manner that will not only enhance technical skills but also self-confidence.


Our goal is to instill in our student's principles of self-expression, discipline, passion, and respect for themselves and others. These principles will be valuable in every student’s life regardless of what career path he or she chooses.


We are dedicated to helping all students reach their unique potential in a fun and safe environment.


ballet & tumbling

Ballet class with some tumbling skills taught for children ages 3-7.


• 6 Week Program

• Ages 3-7

• Location: Ballet Westside @ the Center for Non Profits in Rogers

jazz &
hip hop

Hip Hop & Jazz are taught for children ages 3-11.


• 6 Week Program

• Ages 3-11

• Location: Ballet Westside @ the Center for Non Profits in Rogers

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does my child need to wear?

- Ballet/Tumbling Classes - Leotard of any color, tights or socks, ballet shoes.  We sell ballet shoes for $20 plus tax if you wish to purchase them from us. 

- Jazz/Hip Hop/Cheer/Pom - T-Shirt, leggings or athletic shorts, socks, and athletic shoes.

2. What is the length of a session? 

-Our sessions run 6 weeks long.  You can continue to sign up for additional sessions after you complete one.

3. Any recital routines? 

-With a 6-week session, we offer a parent's observation at the end.  If you are interested in recital routines, please contact Ballet Westside directly.

4. Why a 6-week session instead of a monthly dance class? 

- 6-week sessions offer a parent and student insight into what a monthly class situation has to offer, without the extra expenses associated with recitals, costumes, and registration fees.

5. Where are these classes located?

- Classes are at Ballet Westside's studio in the Center for Non-Profits.  Please enter through the main doors and check in at the main desk. 

6. Who is teaching the class?

- Dorothy and Megan teach the Ballet while Karahlyn instructs jazz, hip hop, cheer, and pom.  

If you have any further questions, please contact the studio at 479-636-6678, visit Ballet Westside's website, or email

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